For the past year I have had the pleasure of working with an amazing critique partner. She and I really challenege each other to grow and improve while also providing constant support and encouragement. I am so blessed to have her in my network–and also to call her a friend.

I have some serious preferences when it comes to romance. Bad boys and prolonged stares? Count me in! I like what I like, and if a book has at least two of my preferred tropes it will have my heart.

I think it’s important to analyze what tropes we like…

There are a lot of hard and fast rules about how NOT to start your story. No dreams. No waking up. No first day of school. No descriptions of the weather. No battle scenes. And there are a multitude of good reasons for why these are less than ideal ways…

Awww conflict, the lifeblood of stoytelling. Without conflict and stakes, you don’t have much of a story.

On the surface, creating conflict seems easy. A dash of “Bad guys.” A serving of “Life and death.” And a pinch of “Forbidden Romance” and you’re good to go right?

Well the truth…

Okay yeah…Me Before You Isn’t exactly a romcom….

I love romcoms. Yes, you heard me. I love romcoms and I am unashamed. Romcoms often get a bad rap for being shallow or full of cliches, and yet when done well, they can be the most perfect form of escapism. And isn’t that why we read fiction? …

Heather McBreen

Reading is how we explore our world and writing is how we inhabit it. On a journey to becoming a published novelist. Women’s fiction, rom coms, historical fic.

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